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Redeemed will come out on September 8, 2015
The Shadow Children series of books
The Hidden Imposters Among the Betrayed Among the Barons Among the Brave Among the Enemy Among the free
Select book pages include discussion guides for classroom or book club activities. Others have bonus information that can be great sources for book reports or the inquisitive reader.

Discussion guides available for these books:

• Among the Hidden
• Because of Anya
• Double Identity
• Just Ella
• The Girl With 500 Middle Names
• The House on the Gulf
• Running Out of Time
• Say What?
• Turnabout
• Simon & Schuster Shadow Children Series Guide (PDF)
• Simon & Schuster Missing Series Guide (PDF)
Bonus Information available for these books
• Among the Hidden
• Dexter the Tough
Other sources:
Suggested Reading list by grade level
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