Published: 2012

Reviews: Haddix provides fascinating information about Mileva Einstein and the as-yet-unresolved mysteries surrounding her first child.










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Caught is the fifth book in The Missing series.
Found Sent Sabotaged Torn Caught: 5th book in Missing Series Risked Revealed Redeemed

PLOT: Jonah and Katherine are at school when time freezes. Everyone, everywhere in the twenty-first century is frozen in time—except for those who have traveled through time before. Something is catastrophically wrong, but why? And how can they fix it?

Jonah and Katherine end up back in time again, in 1903, where a botched job of returning Albert Einstein’s secret daughter Lieserl has somehow critically damaged time itself. Cut off from all communications with other time travelers, they discover a second problem: Albert Einstein’s wife, Mileva, knows they’re there. And she’s determined not to let anyone take away her daughter.

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